Hi All, on to our next adventure and life changes. Today I signed a listing agreement to sell my house in SC. We found a property in Punta Gorda that offers everything we could possibly wish for including a marina. There is a 2 million dollar club house with a library, billiards room, gathering room, stage for performances, bocci, shuffle board, horse shoes and most delightful, a marina. Don found this while searching around on line, just fooling with search engines and low and behold there appeared what seems like the perfect place for us to relocate. So God willing we will be putting in an offer if they accept a contingency to sell. We will be doing this tomorrow, some times things relating to property sales differ from state to state and i’m not sure how this condition will fly in FL. Otherwise, we had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, I made dinner and Don got me the most beautiful long stem roses, love them. Am I a bit nervous right now nah, more in state of shock. Never thought I’d be moving again or even thinking about it. This place just seems like the right move for us. Now it’s in God’s hands and that’s me letting go and giving it to HIM.



As I was saying we pretty much hit most of the good restaurants. We have been working with a Realtor, Kirk. Kirk has shown us some really nice villas in town and another community about 8 miles out of town. We will be going out with him again tomorrow to see some more 2BS, 2BA, Den,2car garage is what we are looking at and we have seen a few very nice ones in good communities. The HOA’s are much higher then what I pay now and the taxes are as well, which gives me thoughts on “do i really” want to leave SC??? OK my friends I’m off for a mani and pedi long overdue. Stay well and God Bless.


It’s been awhile since I last posted on my blog. So much has happened, we did stay in Venice for 3 Days and I have to say that the historic downtown is lovely. Lots of interesting shops and eateries. Though I still prefer Punta Gorda, the traffic is not so much as we experienced in Sarasota, Clearwater and Venice. I’m guessing because it’s not on the gulf and snow birds prefer that. We also headed south to Fort Myer and Bonita Springs. Fort Myer beach is old and very crowded while Bonita Springs is beautiful and very expensive. We saw some really beautiful homes on the gulf that took your breath away. If we decide to move we know at this point it will be to Punta Gorda. Love this little town and the Irish Pub. Everything is convenient and if you want fast food you head over the bridge to Charlotte Harbor. No fast food restaurants allowed in Punta Gorda nor do they allow any building over 3 feet high, with the exception of hotels. We saw a great show at the Performing Arts here, a tribute band to Pink Floyd they were fabulous. Tried another good restaurant right on Main St., the town is certainly not lacking for good rrrrrrrrestaurants. We have pretty much hit most o


My first exposure to an afternoon of Salvatore Dali. My, what an experience it was. Was the man onto LSD even before the CIA started exposing our military to the drug. He was certainly a genius and I understand how he changed the world of art and the media forever. Not sure I understood all of his work, the narrators were important to me, in that their explanations allowed me to see things I never would have discovered on my own. Surrealism is an expression of art that Dali certainly cornered. His genius was sometimes beyond me and I stared in wonder at what he put on canvas. When I left the museum I felt like I had been tripping. Is that a compliment to Dali or a statement that reveals my uneducated eye? However, my ability to really express what I felt looking at his wondrous works of art, is beyond mere words. Tonight is our last night on Treasure Island. Tomorrow we head south to Venice for 3 days and then on home to Punta Gorda. I have found with this journey to this part of FL that i by far prefer Punta Gorda. Venice may change my mind but so far Punta Gorda looks like our Winter home on the boat. Love to all


Stayed in Sarasota one night. Did not like the hotel or for that matter Sarasota, too much traffic and very busy. We did however, go to the Ringling Brothers Circus and Art Museum. Really worth the time, 4 hours walking around, the art collection rivals that of any museum in the world. To read about what the life of the circus people entailed was incredible. They had a miniature setting of the entire village where people and animals lived as well as the actual bib top. Really educational. The films on the Ringling’s, John & Martha were well done and gave you a feel for the couple themselves. We headed north and ended up on Treasure Island, very 50’s. Motels all over and like I said 1950 and old but interesting. Our hotel is right on the gulf so we had to go shelling. Don found the most beautiful completely intact baby conch shell, my most favorite. They have a Tiki Bar right on the beach with great seating, even though it’s freezing we bundled up in sweats and had drinks outside. love being right on the beach. Today we took a ride to Dunedin and checked out a marina, NO NO NO can’t hold a candle to what we have in Punta Gorda. We did have a delightful day in the lovely town of Dunedin and enjoyed lunch in one of the many restaurants. Tonight we went to St. John’s Pass in Madeira Beach. Interesting boardwalk, had a few bears and people watched. Back to the marina, will take our bottle of red and some snacks out, check out the stars shining down on the beach before settling in for the evening. Good night all and God Bless.


Watched Don sail away this morning for Oak Creek. I’m here in the dock masters lounge waiting to check into the Waterfront Hotel for the night. Don will be anchoring out tonight and then on to the maintenance marina. I’ll pick him up tomorrow and then we’ll be off to Sarasota for 3 or 4 days. We have some marinas in mind to check out up that way while in the area. However, we did get another month here which takes us through Feb. I’ve done some research on villas in the Venice area which looks promising. Have to check them out and think some more. It’s not easy trying to decide which way to go at this point in life. Some things seems promising here on the west coast of FL, and then I think about all I have back home In SC, you guessed it still not near a decision. Today I’ll walk to town and do some window shopping and who knows might even buy something. They have some very nice shops here in Punta Gorda, but I do want to save money for Sarasota. The weather has warmed up and we are again enjoying FL. More to come after our mini vacation in Sarasota. God Bless and love to all.


Well, after looking all over tar nation we got another month here at Lashiley Park Marina. We are good until Feb. 2nd and then I think with most of the high season behind us we may get our year here after all. Yesterday we checked out Casey Cay near Venice, don’t take live a boards and not big enough to fit our size boat. The Cay is quite beautiful, houses over 10,000 sq feet. Amazing considering the size of the island. Some houses had about 200 ft. between them and the water ways. The money people have is astounding, I guess if you have it spend it on a humongous house. NOT ME!!!! But I’m a happy camper. After crying to the dock master about having no where to go he gave us more time here. Now I can relax for awhile. Getting ready to do the boat maintenance which means a trip south to OAK Creek for 3 days. We’ll be staying in Sarasota for the duration and then back to our home in Punta Gorda. Looking forward to seeing that part of Florida on this trip, wish we could have found a marina further north but maybe next year. Better planning which will be on me, Don, wings it and amazingly lands on his feet every time. Makes me a bit nervous. Weather here has been unusually cold for this fat south but our boat is cozy warm and quite comfortable. Hoping for warmer weather while in Sarasota, We have a hotel on the water which looks lovely. January is moving along and before you know it we’ll be heading back to Surfside Beach. Probably sometime in April, depending on how everything goes here in FL. Still enjoying this life style, but do miss by friends in SC. Love to all and stay warm you Northerners.