Today is boatkeeping day.  made that up, but, we are cleaning everything that doesn’t move.  I hate housework but dirt is even more intolerable to me.   Need to figure out how to use the washer & dryer, laundry is piling up and underware is running out.  I’m taking a break, had my first shower on the boat I usually use the marina facilities, however, i was just too tired to walk the 1/2 mile to get there.  why do the put us so far away from the showers, must look like we need the exercise. still in Hampton, VA at the salty pond marina.  Angela don’s sister has been fabulous and is driving us all over.  Did food shopping yesterday and got stuff we didn’t know we needed until we began the journey.

We have had diner with her and Marty 2 days going as well as breakfast yesterday at some place called Tommy’s had to wait for a table.  Worth it very good food.   The weather has been great and we get a good breeze off the Chesapeake especially on the Tiki Deck, where we spend most of our time when not in the air conditioned bedroom.

Signing off from the NOMAD.  God Bless.


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