Well/here we are july 11th 1 day before the calender rolls over to another year.  How did they go by in the blink of an eye.  I find myself today in Hayes, VA in the crown point marina.  We were rocking and rolling in the Chesapeake for about 4 hours when we decided enough was enough.  i spotted this piece of land and Don re navigated to see where this would take us.  Anywhere out of the wretched Chesapeake.  My dear friends we got the hell out of that waterway from the devil today and realized it would only have gotten worst and we like nice and easy.  The Rapahonek River took us to a place with no following seas (they make the boat rock from side to side), no tides fighting the winds and poor Don having to be Mr. Strength of Ten Men.

we found this  nice marina with a pool called Crown Point and decided to stay for 2 days.  If the Chesapeake doesn’t calm down we are scrapping our plans to go north.  After the Chesapeake we would have gone into the Delaware Canal which is worse and then out to the ocean to get to Manasquan Inlet.   Sorry Tina, Gina and Phil you’ll have to come south to see us.  WE have become sissy’s and only do southern waterways.  The northern  passage is not for us.

It’s been a tougher day then we had anticipated and not to our liking.  Looks like we will be heading back south and spending sometime in Norfolk and probably the outerbanks of North Carolina.  Stay tuned, the only thing you can count on in sailing is change, got to be flexible to survive this life.  Good night from the Nomad. with love, hugs and kisses.


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