I am so blessed to have to have this special man in my life. Don arranged with Rob, the owner of the marina to drive us to a gem of a restaurant for my birthday. The menu resplendent with Sicilian delights. Be still my heart, stomach, frutti de mare, garlic knots, salad and a cold, crisp Pino Grigio, topped off with one of my favorite Italian Deserts, Tortufo. When dinner was finished we called our private chauffeur and back we went to this lovely marina where we are holed up for a week. Rented a car and have been all over the area which is not far from Williamsburg, VA.

We are enjoying one of the 2 salt water pools on the property and the bath facilities are a Roman delight. Who ever designed them must have been a woman because they thought of everything you would need to make taking a shower convenient and enjoyable. Not all marinas are set up like this and it was a pleasant surprise. The only setback is the wi-fi which has not been working, thus the delay in my blog update. I miss you all my friends and am sorely disappointed that we won’t be going further north to see everyone as originally planned. Like I stated before we are now fair water sailors. Been in rougher waters on the sailboat, however, sailboats are built for rough waters. We learned that Trawlers are so NOT. Signing off for now, will be back as wi-fi alows. Peace!!!!


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