Let me try and backtrack to where I left off.  We were heading to the outerbanks and made it to Cape Lookout the southern most point of the Outerbanks, NC.  The 1st 2 days were great.  Dingyed over to the beach and crossed over the dunes to the ocean side.  Beautiful water and shelling was pretty good.  I got a good amount of interesting shells.  The 2nd day we spent on the bay side and while we were motoring back in the dingy the propeller stopped.  We had to use body parts as oars to get back to the boat.  Now picture this; Don is hanging over the front of the dingy using his arms as oars to move us forward and I’m hanging over the side of the boat using the same body part to steer the dingy towards to boat.  Believe me when i tell you there are always other small craft around, but NOT TODAY we finally got back to within rope distance of the boat and we’re able to grab the ropes and tie up to the boat.   Did I pray all the while, you bet your ass i did.  Never a dull time with us and our boating adventures.  Now we are checking the weather it’s not looking too good.  We learn there are small craft warnings out in the ocean and a storm is a coming.  Long story short we are stuck here for 5 days in 50 mile an hour gale wind with torrential rain.  The anchor decides to let loose and we’re on the move with no direction.  Don had to get out on the bow an try to re-anchor, without much luck then he tried to steer the boat closer to the shore and do the same thing over.  Finally the anchor caught and he let out more chain.  The boat rocked and rolled and the rains came on down on us for what seemed like years.  Even the Coast Guard came in for a break, ocean waves where 7 to 10 feet.  Guess Cape Lookout is home for a few.  On Monday we were finally able to cross over into the harbor and we were able to get a birth in Portside Marina.  Walkable to a good restaurant where we were able to treat ourselves to some good old booze and food.  So nice to sit and be waited on like real folk.

Today we sailed down to Surf City, NC and by now my head is spinning from the sound of the motor and I want to come home.  We are currently in Topsail Marina and are heading to a recommended Bistro for a relaxing dinner.  Yes, boating is lovely but I think after a month on the water I’m ready for some down time.  Love to all my blog buddies.  Will continue this saga as wi-fi allows.  God bless.


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