Yes, I’m finally home, ahhhhh home sweet home and all those old proverbs are true.
We got back about a week ago and things have been crazy getting everything in order at the house.  Mail, Internet, Food, etc.  It’s always crazy when I go for an extended period of time on the boat.  There’s so much that has to be done to get ready for an adventurous stay away from from home.  As if that’s not enough, we decided to have an eclipse party  on the 21st of August.  We invited some friends to sail down to Georgetown (the best place in our area) to view this phenomenon.  So, we are shopping for party goodies and deciding on a menu for brunch, don’t forget the special glasses so we can watch without damaging our eyes.

I’m really excited to party with friends for the 1st time on our new NOMAD.  The accommodations on this boat are excellent for entertaining.  It even has a wet bar on the Lido Deck with a mini refrigerator.

Our next adventure will be in October.  We will be heading south, final destination the west coast of FL.  But you all know how plans can change when you’re on the water.  Hopefully, we will take our time heading down the ICW and get to visit with friends along the way.  Some must stops will be ST. Mary’s, GA,  St. Augustine, FL, Vero Beach, FL and Daytona Beach, FL.  From there on we continue on to Stewart and cross over to the west side and arrive in Punta Gorda, FL.  We also have friends to visit on this coast so we will be spending the winter visiting and heading down to the Keys for the remainder of Winter.  Wish us luck, the waterways going south in the ICW are much calmer, thus allowing us to sail without any open waterways and rough seas.  That’s our prayer anyway whether mother nature cooperates or not remains to be seen.  Signing for now with love. God Bless.



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