On our way!!

Well, here is it Oct.6th and we’ve been on the water since Sun. the 1st. We left Osprey Marina in Socastee, SC and spent our 1st night at the lovely Ilse of Palms Marina (a few miles north of Charleston). This is one of my favorite spots, so different this time of year from summer when there is all kinds of activity, kyacks, surfboard paddling, jet skis, small crafts, etc. now very quite but never the less still beautiful. Next night we spent anchored out and all went well. Then on to Beaufort City Marina, love this place. It’s on a park along the river and you get off the boat and walk into town. Very disappointed at all the places now closed and out of business. The economy has hit Beaufort really hard and so many of the places I loved to browse are gone. So sad. However, we still had a great time, ate at our favorite pizza place and Luther’s tavern 2 good places if you ever find yourself in Beaufort, SC. We spent a few days here and then headed to a new marina in Savannah,GA. The Isle of Hope, nice spot with a loaner car which we took advantage of and headed out to Savannah for dinner to a Taquila Bar restaurant with exceptional Mexican food. Having a car at our disposal we rode around for awhile and ended up buying dessert to enjoy back on the boat. Tonight we are anchored again somewhere on the ICW in Georgia. Signing off for now with love. God bless and good night


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