We spent a wonderful week here in this historic city the oldest in the USA, established in 1556 ( I think). My BFF also lives here which made it especially great. Got to spend time with her, Eileen, she drove us where we had to go and also lent us her car to do our food shopping. Don and I actually hooked up to a Mooring Ball in the south field. What a challenge, took 4 tries. I was ready to give up on the third and head for the marina and a slip.. Because they only had slips without electricity, Don decided to try one more time and luck was with us. Don’t know how much you know about hooking up to a mooring ball but take my word for it, not easy especially with a 48 foot trawler. Sail boats are much easier, so they tell me, this was my first experience with a mooring ball and I know it won’t be my last. Now the first day we are here we get the dingy down and motor into the marina. Getting off and on the dingy, pretty much hate it. Picture having to step down about 2 feet onto a boat in the water rocking away, ya, hateful. No handholds either. Balance is pretty important and age steals this away from ya. I’m managing. We did the tourist thing on St George street with all the shops and galleries. Did some damage but got really pretty things I won’t see myself coming and going in. Just have to find a place to wear the most expensive outfit I bought. So pretty had to have it. Do I have shoes, NO but that will come. We had the most awful pizza advertised as St. Augustine’s best. If ever you are here don’t get the pizza, terrible. We sent it back once and they made us another one almost as raw as the first, but we ate the top off with the very end of the crust and managed. Don’t know what they thought when they got the pizza back in the kitchen minus topping. Other people actually ate this crap, cannot be from NJ or NY. Eileen and I got some girl time in on Wed, this was fun. Don stayed on the boat and graciously let us spend the day together just us girls. We did pedicures and shopped, had a delightful lunch at this bagel shop. Eileen knows the owner, she’s from North Jersey, can’t go wrong with that. Lunch was delicious. The week went too fast and we spent our last night here eating at A1A brewery. We found this place the first day and the beer is the best draft on the coast. Really good food too. Good bye St. Augustine see ya in the Spring. Love this place, so much to do and the marina had a shuttle service back and forth from the mooring field to the marina. Loved that, kept me off that dingy challenge. Love to all from RO’s Blog. Goodnight and God bless.


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