Heading South Again

Spent 2 days in Daytona Beach at the Halifax Harbor Marina. We got to have dinner with Mary Don’s friend. Ate at the Mc K Tavern, beer was really good, food OK. Mary used to live on a sailboat until 3 years ago when she switched to a motor boat. They say old sailors go motor, it’s true in these two instances. Both of us loving the transition to motor with so much more room. We actually took the bus to Walmart to do some shopping. Funny experience, not having been on a bus since high school with the #14 going up to Livingston Ave. Caught this bus in front of, name escapes me, a department store on George st. where everyone caught their bus home. Now we are in Coco Village Marina, planned to anchor out tonight but the wind was horrific and not good for anchoring so we got a spot in the marina $125,00 per night. Pricey but a lovely marina, with in walking distance to town. This little Village is so much fun, great restaurants, cool shops, one of my favorites on the east coast of FL. Had dinner in town and enjoyed a few draft beers. Tomorrow we plan on having breakfast and do some shopping then head down to Vero Beach. We plan to spend a month there.
Waiting at the Bus Stop


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