We’ve been here at the Vero Beach Municipal Marina a little over a week. There is a free bus service that takes you all over and we have certainly been taking advantage of that. Miracle Mile on the bus stop has everything, TJ Max, great deli, West Marine, etc. if you only went this far it would be great. However, there is a transfer station with 11 buses and you can go anywhere free of charge. Loving it here in Vero Beach. We are on a mooring ball, which is getting easier to do, for a month, may be longer, probably until the first of Dec. We spent last weekend with Maureen & Bob at their home in Vero. Maureen”s mother and my mother were roommates at st. Peter’s Hospital when we were born. 14 years later we met up at SPHS 9E, Miss Clark’s homeroom and have been friends ever since. Life is crazy that way, fortunately for us we have been lucky and beyond in our friendship. It was really good being with them, enjoying homemade cooking done by other then ourselves. Even Bob got in on the act and made delicious perogies for dinner Sat. night. There is a theater on the bus stop and we have tickets to see a Hank Williams Review next Tue. Evening. Having the bus available right at the dingy dock makes this perfect for us. We’ve been out and about everyday. Yesterday to Waldo’s Restaurant, a funky place on the ocean. Then we wandered the shops and God help me, don’t you know I found a place where all the cloths were imported from Italy and France. Did some damage, found this darling dress I had to have. Love it and can’t wait to wear it. Already have it planned, we will be having a luncheon at Maureen’s with Linda & John, Peggy & Ken and us, the dress will be making it”s debut at the luncheon. Really excited to get together with these people. We women are all friends from our high school days. So blessed to call these women my friends. With that I’ll sign off from the NOMAD. Peace!!!

PS How about my updated picture reflecting my “au naturale hair”?


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