What a magical night we had last evening. We got tickets to see a Hank Williams
review at the theater in Vero. Dinghied over to the dock at the Riverside Cafe. I had crab cakes and Don had ahi tuna expensive but so worth it. We each had a cocktail before dinner, not curtain time yet, so we imbibed in another after dinner.
They make an excellent martini by the way so if you ever find yourself in Vero stop in and enjoy. I was a little nervous about getting on the dingy at night with Don’s help I managed. This was not a good dock, the fingers(boards you tie up to) we’re very narrow. You felt like one misstep and in the drink you’d be. It was a beautiful night with stars everywhere, the sky a sight to behold. They call Vero Beach Velcro Beach because so many boaters come here by boat and end up buying. Real estate is do able but more then we want to spend because we’d want to have nearby access to a marina. The free bus is a god send and we are out and about everyday. We’ve met so many other boaters living on the hook from all over the country, Canada and New Zealand. This is a wonderful adventure my friends, so happy to be able to share it with all of you on my blog. With love, hugs and kisses to all, I’m signing off


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