Here we are at 6 weeks and counting living on the “HOOK”. Life is certainly an unexpected event almost every day. Today for instance we beat the storm back by a second. You never know in FL when the sky will open up and drown ya. We did however, get soaked on the way to the dinghy dock, waves were quite big for the inlet and going over them caused water to splash all the F over us. By the time we got to the dock we were both pretty wet. Had to go in for distilled water for the batteries. Got to keep them little suckers happy they are our life line for the generators which run the electricity. Went to Toojay”s Jewish deli for lunch the best sandwiches in Vero. Hit my favorite TJ Max and then food shopping. Back on the boat enjoying the sound of raindrops on the roof. Better then on my head. We had the best luncheon at Maureen & Bob”s, Sunday. Linda, John, Peggy and Ken joined us for a great time all around. Everyone is looking terrific. So good to be with them, laughed our asses off as usual. Linda summed it up pretty well “we still find each other hilarious”. Don is happy making sauce so it will be pasta for dinner. He makes a great sauce, uses sausage, something I never did. My sauce has meatballs and pepperoni love it both ways. Maybe his better because I don’t have to make it. We still have 2 weeks left in Vero and it will be sad to leave here, especially Maureen & Bob. Got to spend so much time with them and looking forward to another stay over before we leave, that will be next Monday. Then we are off to Don’s brother Tony for Thanksgiving. We’ll rent a car and drive, stay over through Saturday and then plan to visit with Peggy and Ken on Sunday before we return the car. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Love, hugs and kisses.


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