We ran out of water last night, have you ever brushed your teeth with beer “the breakfast of champions”, another unique experience living aboard. Vero Beach has no open marina slots so we boogied down to Fort Pierce for a night of luxurious living, electricity without the noise of a generator, lights and wifi. How about that folks, we will spend the night here and head on back to Vero tomorrow. Did I mention this marina has a pretty good restaurant, no buses required. Ah the lap of of easy living. I for one am not getting on another bus while we are here, I don’t care what we need, this is my time of rest. We’ll eat in the restaurant and have a few martini’s, no dingy, no bus, get a buzz on. Then it’s back to living on the hook. We’ve been at this for over a month and I am happily surprised that I am still enjoying myself. It was questionable at first, not really knowing how long I would last without missing my home. The boat has become home and I am really happy to be having this delightful experience. You never know what the day will bring. Surprises all around and playing dolphins to entertain us. Life is good.


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