Are you behaving? Santa is only a few days from coming down the chimney. We got all kinds of wine and booze at Costco’s yesterday just in case. Not sure what he’s drinking now a days. We are still in Punta Gorda at the Lashley Park Marina. This marina is closer to town and we have the car with us which makes it possible to get around. Punta Gorda does not have the wonderful free bus system that we had at Vero Beach. We booked this marina for a month and so far have been to Sanibel Island, Fort Myers and around locally in lovely Punta Gorda. Sanibel is a lot like Hilton Head in that the landscaping is lush and beautiful and like Hilton Head by the time you see something you are already past it. They charge $5.00 and hour to park for the beach. And people criticize NJ, we don’t call it a parking fee, more honest and it’s a beach fee not nearly the parking fee on Sanibel. NOT IMPRESSED. We found a great Irish Pub “Craic Ray” right in town that we have been going to. The only place I’ve ever had a light imported Irish beer and it is sooooo good. The menu is all Irish and they call a cheesberger a patsie. Very different and very good. The crowd is friendly, we now have a home away from home and loving it. Getting our menu together for Christmas diner. Don is making lasagna and I’m doing stuffed artichokes with an antipasto and prose co to help digest the diner. We haven’t decided on desert yet but found this great Italian restaurant yesterday that makes their own pastries, just need to decide what to purchase. Sitting on a hard chair, we don’t get WI FI on the boat, the only negative about this marina. Have to sit in the dockmaster’s lounge and my butt it getting tired of the seating accommodations. So wishing all a merry and blessed Christmas and happy new year.


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