Yes, folks the season is over and we are all recuperating. Nice to have it behind us and getting into this new year. We are till at Lashiley Park Marina, no word yet on our request to stay a year. We will be taking the boat out of the water for maintenance on the 18th and have made reservations in Sarasota for 3 days while the work is being done. There are good museums,theater and shopping in the area which we are looking forward to enjoying. Tampa is only a drive away as well. We love this area and have been to Matalche Island, an artists colony and great way to spend the day. In addition to Boca Grande, fell in love with this little village, looking into real estate, some of the residences have their own little beach on the gulf. There is a marina in the area that may have a year’s lease available if we can’t get into Lashiley. My cousin Domenic is in the area and we have been back and forth on Facebook about getting together. Yesterday coming back from dinner we ran into him on his bike in the parking lot. Totally awesome. The cold front has finally come to FL and we don’t like it one bit.

New Year’s Eve was spent at the Celtic Ray our favorite Irish Pub. Fun crowd and a great DJ. We did finally get to go to Dom’s Restaurant which was highly recommended. It was OK, no great shakes. Hit Marco Island for a party last weekend, that was fun. Got to meet some new people and one couple was from North Myrtle Beach. We exchanged information and plan in getting together when we get back to SC. So far really good. Don’t know yet where we’ll end up next but wherever it will be fun. Wishing the very best to all my friends, signing off with love, hugs and kisses. God Bless


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