Well, after looking all over tar nation we got another month here at Lashiley Park Marina. We are good until Feb. 2nd and then I think with most of the high season behind us we may get our year here after all. Yesterday we checked out Casey Cay near Venice, don’t take live a boards and not big enough to fit our size boat. The Cay is quite beautiful, houses over 10,000 sq feet. Amazing considering the size of the island. Some houses had about 200 ft. between them and the water ways. The money people have is astounding, I guess if you have it spend it on a humongous house. NOT ME!!!! But I’m a happy camper. After crying to the dock master about having no where to go he gave us more time here. Now I can relax for awhile. Getting ready to do the boat maintenance which means a trip south to OAK Creek for 3 days. We’ll be staying in Sarasota for the duration and then back to our home in Punta Gorda. Looking forward to seeing that part of Florida on this trip, wish we could have found a marina further north but maybe next year. Better planning which will be on me, Don, wings it and amazingly lands on his feet every time. Makes me a bit nervous. Weather here has been unusually cold for this fat south but our boat is cozy warm and quite comfortable. Hoping for warmer weather while in Sarasota, We have a hotel on the water which looks lovely. January is moving along and before you know it we’ll be heading back to Surfside Beach. Probably sometime in April, depending on how everything goes here in FL. Still enjoying this life style, but do miss by friends in SC. Love to all and stay warm you Northerners.


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