Watched Don sail away this morning for Oak Creek. I’m here in the dock masters lounge waiting to check into the Waterfront Hotel for the night. Don will be anchoring out tonight and then on to the maintenance marina. I’ll pick him up tomorrow and then we’ll be off to Sarasota for 3 or 4 days. We have some marinas in mind to check out up that way while in the area. However, we did get another month here which takes us through Feb. I’ve done some research on villas in the Venice area which looks promising. Have to check them out and think some more. It’s not easy trying to decide which way to go at this point in life. Some things seems promising here on the west coast of FL, and then I think about all I have back home In SC, you guessed it still not near a decision. Today I’ll walk to town and do some window shopping and who knows might even buy something. They have some very nice shops here in Punta Gorda, but I do want to save money for Sarasota. The weather has warmed up and we are again enjoying FL. More to come after our mini vacation in Sarasota. God Bless and love to all.


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