Stayed in Sarasota one night. Did not like the hotel or for that matter Sarasota, too much traffic and very busy. We did however, go to the Ringling Brothers Circus and Art Museum. Really worth the time, 4 hours walking around, the art collection rivals that of any museum in the world. To read about what the life of the circus people entailed was incredible. They had a miniature setting of the entire village where people and animals lived as well as the actual bib top. Really educational. The films on the Ringling’s, John & Martha were well done and gave you a feel for the couple themselves. We headed north and ended up on Treasure Island, very 50’s. Motels all over and like I said 1950 and old but interesting. Our hotel is right on the gulf so we had to go shelling. Don found the most beautiful completely intact baby conch shell, my most favorite. They have a Tiki Bar right on the beach with great seating, even though it’s freezing we bundled up in sweats and had drinks outside. love being right on the beach. Today we took a ride to Dunedin and checked out a marina, NO NO NO can’t hold a candle to what we have in Punta Gorda. We did have a delightful day in the lovely town of Dunedin and enjoyed lunch in one of the many restaurants. Tonight we went to St. John’s Pass in Madeira Beach. Interesting boardwalk, had a few bears and people watched. Back to the marina, will take our bottle of red and some snacks out, check out the stars shining down on the beach before settling in for the evening. Good night all and God Bless.


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