My first exposure to an afternoon of Salvatore Dali. My, what an experience it was. Was the man onto LSD even before the CIA started exposing our military to the drug. He was certainly a genius and I understand how he changed the world of art and the media forever. Not sure I understood all of his work, the narrators were important to me, in that their explanations allowed me to see things I never would have discovered on my own. Surrealism is an expression of art that Dali certainly cornered. His genius was sometimes beyond me and I stared in wonder at what he put on canvas. When I left the museum I felt like I had been tripping. Is that a compliment to Dali or a statement that reveals my uneducated eye? However, my ability to really express what I felt looking at his wondrous works of art, is beyond mere words. Tonight is our last night on Treasure Island. Tomorrow we head south to Venice for 3 days and then on home to Punta Gorda. I have found with this journey to this part of FL that i by far prefer Punta Gorda. Venice may change my mind but so far Punta Gorda looks like our Winter home on the boat. Love to all


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