It’s been awhile since I last posted on my blog. So much has happened, we did stay in Venice for 3 Days and I have to say that the historic downtown is lovely. Lots of interesting shops and eateries. Though I still prefer Punta Gorda, the traffic is not so much as we experienced in Sarasota, Clearwater and Venice. I’m guessing because it’s not on the gulf and snow birds prefer that. We also headed south to Fort Myer and Bonita Springs. Fort Myer beach is old and very crowded while Bonita Springs is beautiful and very expensive. We saw some really beautiful homes on the gulf that took your breath away. If we decide to move we know at this point it will be to Punta Gorda. Love this little town and the Irish Pub. Everything is convenient and if you want fast food you head over the bridge to Charlotte Harbor. No fast food restaurants allowed in Punta Gorda nor do they allow any building over 3 feet high, with the exception of hotels. We saw a great show at the Performing Arts here, a tribute band to Pink Floyd they were fabulous. Tried another good restaurant right on Main St., the town is certainly not lacking for good rrrrrrrrestaurants. We have pretty much hit most o


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