Hi All, on to our next adventure and life changes. Today I signed a listing agreement to sell my house in SC. We found a property in Punta Gorda that offers everything we could possibly wish for including a marina. There is a 2 million dollar club house with a library, billiards room, gathering room, stage for performances, bocci, shuffle board, horse shoes and most delightful, a marina. Don found this while searching around on line, just fooling with search engines and low and behold there appeared what seems like the perfect place for us to relocate. So God willing we will be putting in an offer if they accept a contingency to sell. We will be doing this tomorrow, some times things relating to property sales differ from state to state and i’m not sure how this condition will fly in FL. Otherwise, we had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, I made dinner and Don got me the most beautiful long stem roses, love them. Am I a bit nervous right now nah, more in state of shock. Never thought I’d be moving again or even thinking about it. This place just seems like the right move for us. Now it’s in God’s hands and that’s me letting go and giving it to HIM.

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