Can’t believe my house sold in 3 days. For full asking price, never in a million years did I think that was going to happen. The first house down here went in a week before we could even list ours. Found another in the same community and put in an offer yesterday. The owner doesn’t want to accept a contingency without keeping his house on the market. That puts us in a negative position, we could wind up outbid or have to find other funding, that’s how he offered the counter. We’ll stand with our original offer,he he may always change his mind. Worst case scenario I’d have to put my stuff in storage and continue to live on the boat. Fingers crossed he’ll reconsiders or we find something we like as much. This is definitely the community we want to be in, how could we not with the marina included. top of all this crazy I need 2 new caps so I’m in the process of getting that done. My new “teeth” will be in my mouth by 3/15 and we will head to SC and the work begins. God is this real!!!!! If I didn’t feel so numb I think I’d be having a full blown breakdown. That being said, give it to the Man Above, which I do however, why do I keep dwelling on it let go Rosemary… Let go and let God, isn’t that how it goes? Well my friends keep me in your prayers and I’ll keep you posted on the ADVENTURES OF RO & DON as they progress.

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