Well, we did it and are alive and well to tell the story. Still on the boat until we close on the 23rd of April and then have our stuff delivered on the 26th. Believe me when I tell you it was exhausting. Packing up my house and all the stuff that goes along with it was overwhelming to say the least. If it’s up to me I would never move again. But I’ve said that a few times in my life. Thought San Angelo,Texas-Seaside Park,NJ then Surfside Beach,SC and now Punta Gorda, FL and praise God no more. We are looking to sell the Nomad and get a smaller boat that we can keep at the marina where we live. That was a big part of the reason we decided on Windmill Village, the 2 marinas. It will be so nice to walk to the marina and get on our boast not to mention not having to pay marina charges of $700 a month. Leaves us a lot of casholla to travel with. WE hope to take another trip to Pelican Bay before we sell the Nomad but is not we’ll go on the new boat. So for now I’ll be signing off on our water travels.

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