Well, it’s a done deal folks. Don sold the Nomad. We enjoyed 7 months of living aboard and now the new owner will do the same. Had we not bought her and sailed over to the west coast of FL we would still be residents of SC. Who knew the purchase of what was supposed to be our winter home would turn into GONE. Here, we find ourselves residents of FL all because we took a sail over to the west coast and fell in love with Punta Gorda, bought a home in a community that has 2 marinas. That was the incentive for the purchase, however, the marina’s can not handle a 48 foot trawler so she had to go. I will miss her and the lovely times we had aboard. Don will probably go back to a sailboat, he’s really a sailor at heart. We can start looking when the check clears. There are so many great islands in the gulf we want to explore. We love our new home, but I do miss all the friends I made in Surfside Beach. Looking forward to many fun times here, meeting new people and exploring the gulf of Mexico on our new boat. Will post back in when the big purchase has been made and we are under sail. Love to all and I hope you enjoyed sharing our adventures with us as much as we did making the memories. Too many more!!! Love to you all, stay well and God bless.

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