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Here we are at the best B&B on the east coast. Gerry Jenkins-Sullivan’s, not kidding folks this time with Gerry was like being in a B&B only better. Not only did I love spending time with my Hi_school buddy but she treated us like royalty. Now know when you come to visit me I can take you to the best places to eat & drink, but do I do homey, NOT. We went all over to our favorite places, Fernandina, shopping and St. Simon’s for Sal’s pizza which was closed until 4PM and we got there at 2ish. On to our next best which was hamburgers, not too shabby. Gerry’s new house in St. Mary’s is lovely and she gave us the master suite, she doesn’t use it and company does. Go figure. We ended up anchoring in the North River because St. Mary’s River was blocked by the Coast Guard because of Irma. They had 32 boats destroyed in the river that had to be taken out. The marina was destroyed, not one we would have stayed in, it was a dump. We were able to dingy over to the boat services dock and tie up for the duration of our stay. After we left Gerry we went on to Beach Marina. A lovely little place with a good restaurant. Don and I enjoyed our cocktails with some good Mexican and then hung out in the outdoor lounge on the water listening to some good guitar music. AH, life doesn’t get much better. Today we are in St Augustine where we actually got this 48 foot trawler anchored to a mooring ball. What a frigging challenge, I was truly ready to give up but Don wanted one more try and low and behold anchor we did. Now we are spending the night watching the rainbow as the showers come down around us. Loving it. Tomorrow we’ll go into town on the dingy and visit with my dear friend Eileen. Planning n being here for a week. I need some pampering, pedicure, massage. Boating is hard work especially today with that mooring ball fiasco. Signing off with love, good night and god bless.


On our way!!

Well, here is it Oct.6th and we’ve been on the water since Sun. the 1st. We left Osprey Marina in Socastee, SC and spent our 1st night at the lovely Ilse of Palms Marina (a few miles north of Charleston). This is one of my favorite spots, so different this time of year from summer when there is all kinds of activity, kyacks, surfboard paddling, jet skis, small crafts, etc. now very quite but never the less still beautiful. Next night we spent anchored out and all went well. Then on to Beaufort City Marina, love this place. It’s on a park along the river and you get off the boat and walk into town. Very disappointed at all the places now closed and out of business. The economy has hit Beaufort really hard and so many of the places I loved to browse are gone. So sad. However, we still had a great time, ate at our favorite pizza place and Luther’s tavern 2 good places if you ever find yourself in Beaufort, SC. We spent a few days here and then headed to a new marina in Savannah,GA. The Isle of Hope, nice spot with a loaner car which we took advantage of and headed out to Savannah for dinner to a Taquila Bar restaurant with exceptional Mexican food. Having a car at our disposal we rode around for awhile and ended up buying dessert to enjoy back on the boat. Tonight we are anchored again somewhere on the ICW in Georgia. Signing off for now with love. God bless and good night


Yes, I’m finally home, ahhhhh home sweet home and all those old proverbs are true.
We got back about a week ago and things have been crazy getting everything in order at the house.  Mail, Internet, Food, etc.  It’s always crazy when I go for an extended period of time on the boat.  There’s so much that has to be done to get ready for an adventurous stay away from from home.  As if that’s not enough, we decided to have an eclipse party  on the 21st of August.  We invited some friends to sail down to Georgetown (the best place in our area) to view this phenomenon.  So, we are shopping for party goodies and deciding on a menu for brunch, don’t forget the special glasses so we can watch without damaging our eyes.

I’m really excited to party with friends for the 1st time on our new NOMAD.  The accommodations on this boat are excellent for entertaining.  It even has a wet bar on the Lido Deck with a mini refrigerator.

Our next adventure will be in October.  We will be heading south, final destination the west coast of FL.  But you all know how plans can change when you’re on the water.  Hopefully, we will take our time heading down the ICW and get to visit with friends along the way.  Some must stops will be ST. Mary’s, GA,  St. Augustine, FL, Vero Beach, FL and Daytona Beach, FL.  From there on we continue on to Stewart and cross over to the west side and arrive in Punta Gorda, FL.  We also have friends to visit on this coast so we will be spending the winter visiting and heading down to the Keys for the remainder of Winter.  Wish us luck, the waterways going south in the ICW are much calmer, thus allowing us to sail without any open waterways and rough seas.  That’s our prayer anyway whether mother nature cooperates or not remains to be seen.  Signing for now with love. God Bless.



Let me try and backtrack to where I left off.  We were heading to the outerbanks and made it to Cape Lookout the southern most point of the Outerbanks, NC.  The 1st 2 days were great.  Dingyed over to the beach and crossed over the dunes to the ocean side.  Beautiful water and shelling was pretty good.  I got a good amount of interesting shells.  The 2nd day we spent on the bay side and while we were motoring back in the dingy the propeller stopped.  We had to use body parts as oars to get back to the boat.  Now picture this; Don is hanging over the front of the dingy using his arms as oars to move us forward and I’m hanging over the side of the boat using the same body part to steer the dingy towards to boat.  Believe me when i tell you there are always other small craft around, but NOT TODAY we finally got back to within rope distance of the boat and we’re able to grab the ropes and tie up to the boat.   Did I pray all the while, you bet your ass i did.  Never a dull time with us and our boating adventures.  Now we are checking the weather it’s not looking too good.  We learn there are small craft warnings out in the ocean and a storm is a coming.  Long story short we are stuck here for 5 days in 50 mile an hour gale wind with torrential rain.  The anchor decides to let loose and we’re on the move with no direction.  Don had to get out on the bow an try to re-anchor, without much luck then he tried to steer the boat closer to the shore and do the same thing over.  Finally the anchor caught and he let out more chain.  The boat rocked and rolled and the rains came on down on us for what seemed like years.  Even the Coast Guard came in for a break, ocean waves where 7 to 10 feet.  Guess Cape Lookout is home for a few.  On Monday we were finally able to cross over into the harbor and we were able to get a birth in Portside Marina.  Walkable to a good restaurant where we were able to treat ourselves to some good old booze and food.  So nice to sit and be waited on like real folk.

Today we sailed down to Surf City, NC and by now my head is spinning from the sound of the motor and I want to come home.  We are currently in Topsail Marina and are heading to a recommended Bistro for a relaxing dinner.  Yes, boating is lovely but I think after a month on the water I’m ready for some down time.  Love to all my blog buddies.  Will continue this saga as wi-fi allows.  God bless.


iT’S BEEN awhile but we have wi-fi again. We went up to Frederick, MD to spend some time with Tina, don’s sister and her husband Brian. Fredericks is a lovely city and a historic one as well. Having been incorporated in 1750 something.
even new builds have to reflect the historic look of the city. You can walk everywhere, one of the perks of city living. Tina is a great cook and has been feeding us well. After dinner we walk to town and imbibe in a few “brewskis”. Got to see Washington DC, have never been. Imagine that me who has been all over the world never having been in our capital. Now I can say been there, done that. Will so bAck in cooler weather, there’s so much to see that we passed up because of the intense heat. Had lunch in Georgetown at a beautiful French bistro Maxine’s and we’re lucky to get a parking place right in front. We just got seated under a glass ceiling and the sky opened up. We drove back to the marina and spend another 2 days before taking off again.
Tonight we are in Pac something marina, can’t recall the name. The restaurant is fabulous, we both enjoyed a gourmet diner complete with our favorites “MARTINI’S”. Heading south for Outlook Point in the Outerbanks, NC. We will be anchoring out the next few nights until we get to Moorehead City, NC. There we will have access to a loaner car and will shop for food and drinks to take over to the outerbanks where we will anchor for a week or so. Especially love this anchorage because your can Dingy over to the shore and cut through the dunes to the ocean side of the island. Always great shelling and wild horses on one end and loggerhead turtles across.


I am so blessed to have to have this special man in my life. Don arranged with Rob, the owner of the marina to drive us to a gem of a restaurant for my birthday. The menu resplendent with Sicilian delights. Be still my heart, stomach, frutti de mare, garlic knots, salad and a cold, crisp Pino Grigio, topped off with one of my favorite Italian Deserts, Tortufo. When dinner was finished we called our private chauffeur and back we went to this lovely marina where we are holed up for a week. Rented a car and have been all over the area which is not far from Williamsburg, VA.

We are enjoying one of the 2 salt water pools on the property and the bath facilities are a Roman delight. Who ever designed them must have been a woman because they thought of everything you would need to make taking a shower convenient and enjoyable. Not all marinas are set up like this and it was a pleasant surprise. The only setback is the wi-fi which has not been working, thus the delay in my blog update. I miss you all my friends and am sorely disappointed that we won’t be going further north to see everyone as originally planned. Like I stated before we are now fair water sailors. Been in rougher waters on the sailboat, however, sailboats are built for rough waters. We learned that Trawlers are so NOT. Signing off for now, will be back as wi-fi alows. Peace!!!!


Well/here we are july 11th 1 day before the calender rolls over to another year.  How did they go by in the blink of an eye.  I find myself today in Hayes, VA in the crown point marina.  We were rocking and rolling in the Chesapeake for about 4 hours when we decided enough was enough.  i spotted this piece of land and Don re navigated to see where this would take us.  Anywhere out of the wretched Chesapeake.  My dear friends we got the hell out of that waterway from the devil today and realized it would only have gotten worst and we like nice and easy.  The Rapahonek River took us to a place with no following seas (they make the boat rock from side to side), no tides fighting the winds and poor Don having to be Mr. Strength of Ten Men.

we found this  nice marina with a pool called Crown Point and decided to stay for 2 days.  If the Chesapeake doesn’t calm down we are scrapping our plans to go north.  After the Chesapeake we would have gone into the Delaware Canal which is worse and then out to the ocean to get to Manasquan Inlet.   Sorry Tina, Gina and Phil you’ll have to come south to see us.  WE have become sissy’s and only do southern waterways.  The northern  passage is not for us.

It’s been a tougher day then we had anticipated and not to our liking.  Looks like we will be heading back south and spending sometime in Norfolk and probably the outerbanks of North Carolina.  Stay tuned, the only thing you can count on in sailing is change, got to be flexible to survive this life.  Good night from the Nomad. with love, hugs and kisses.