We’ve been here at the Vero Beach Municipal Marina a little over a week. There is a free bus service that takes you all over and we have certainly been taking advantage of that. Miracle Mile on the bus stop has everything, TJ Max, great deli, West Marine, etc. if you only went this far it would be great. However, there is a transfer station with 11 buses and you can go anywhere free of charge. Loving it here in Vero Beach. We are on a mooring ball, which is getting easier to do, for a month, may be longer, probably until the first of Dec. We spent last weekend with Maureen & Bob at their home in Vero. Maureen”s mother and my mother were roommates at st. Peter’s Hospital when we were born. 14 years later we met up at SPHS 9E, Miss Clark’s homeroom and have been friends ever since. Life is crazy that way, fortunately for us we have been lucky and beyond in our friendship. It was really good being with them, enjoying homemade cooking done by other then ourselves. Even Bob got in on the act and made delicious perogies for dinner Sat. night. There is a theater on the bus stop and we have tickets to see a Hank Williams Review next Tue. Evening. Having the bus available right at the dingy dock makes this perfect for us. We’ve been out and about everyday. Yesterday to Waldo’s Restaurant, a funky place on the ocean. Then we wandered the shops and God help me, don’t you know I found a place where all the cloths were imported from Italy and France. Did some damage, found this darling dress I had to have. Love it and can’t wait to wear it. Already have it planned, we will be having a luncheon at Maureen’s with Linda & John, Peggy & Ken and us, the dress will be making it”s debut at the luncheon. Really excited to get together with these people. We women are all friends from our high school days. So blessed to call these women my friends. With that I’ll sign off from the NOMAD. Peace!!!

PS How about my updated picture reflecting my “au naturale hair”?


Heading South Again

Spent 2 days in Daytona Beach at the Halifax Harbor Marina. We got to have dinner with Mary Don’s friend. Ate at the Mc K Tavern, beer was really good, food OK. Mary used to live on a sailboat until 3 years ago when she switched to a motor boat. They say old sailors go motor, it’s true in these two instances. Both of us loving the transition to motor with so much more room. We actually took the bus to Walmart to do some shopping. Funny experience, not having been on a bus since high school with the #14 going up to Livingston Ave. Caught this bus in front of, name escapes me, a department store on George st. where everyone caught their bus home. Now we are in Coco Village Marina, planned to anchor out tonight but the wind was horrific and not good for anchoring so we got a spot in the marina $125,00 per night. Pricey but a lovely marina, with in walking distance to town. This little Village is so much fun, great restaurants, cool shops, one of my favorites on the east coast of FL. Had dinner in town and enjoyed a few draft beers. Tomorrow we plan on having breakfast and do some shopping then head down to Vero Beach. We plan to spend a month there.
Waiting at the Bus Stop


We spent a wonderful week here in this historic city the oldest in the USA, established in 1556 ( I think). My BFF also lives here which made it especially great. Got to spend time with her, Eileen, she drove us where we had to go and also lent us her car to do our food shopping. Don and I actually hooked up to a Mooring Ball in the south field. What a challenge, took 4 tries. I was ready to give up on the third and head for the marina and a slip.. Because they only had slips without electricity, Don decided to try one more time and luck was with us. Don’t know how much you know about hooking up to a mooring ball but take my word for it, not easy especially with a 48 foot trawler. Sail boats are much easier, so they tell me, this was my first experience with a mooring ball and I know it won’t be my last. Now the first day we are here we get the dingy down and motor into the marina. Getting off and on the dingy, pretty much hate it. Picture having to step down about 2 feet onto a boat in the water rocking away, ya, hateful. No handholds either. Balance is pretty important and age steals this away from ya. I’m managing. We did the tourist thing on St George street with all the shops and galleries. Did some damage but got really pretty things I won’t see myself coming and going in. Just have to find a place to wear the most expensive outfit I bought. So pretty had to have it. Do I have shoes, NO but that will come. We had the most awful pizza advertised as St. Augustine’s best. If ever you are here don’t get the pizza, terrible. We sent it back once and they made us another one almost as raw as the first, but we ate the top off with the very end of the crust and managed. Don’t know what they thought when they got the pizza back in the kitchen minus topping. Other people actually ate this crap, cannot be from NJ or NY. Eileen and I got some girl time in on Wed, this was fun. Don stayed on the boat and graciously let us spend the day together just us girls. We did pedicures and shopped, had a delightful lunch at this bagel shop. Eileen knows the owner, she’s from North Jersey, can’t go wrong with that. Lunch was delicious. The week went too fast and we spent our last night here eating at A1A brewery. We found this place the first day and the beer is the best draft on the coast. Really good food too. Good bye St. Augustine see ya in the Spring. Love this place, so much to do and the marina had a shuttle service back and forth from the mooring field to the marina. Loved that, kept me off that dingy challenge. Love to all from RO’s Blog. Goodnight and God bless.


Here we are at the best B&B on the east coast. Gerry Jenkins-Sullivan’s, not kidding folks this time with Gerry was like being in a B&B only better. Not only did I love spending time with my Hi_school buddy but she treated us like royalty. Now know when you come to visit me I can take you to the best places to eat & drink, but do I do homey, NOT. We went all over to our favorite places, Fernandina, shopping and St. Simon’s for Sal’s pizza which was closed until 4PM and we got there at 2ish. On to our next best which was hamburgers, not too shabby. Gerry’s new house in St. Mary’s is lovely and she gave us the master suite, she doesn’t use it and company does. Go figure. We ended up anchoring in the North River because St. Mary’s River was blocked by the Coast Guard because of Irma. They had 32 boats destroyed in the river that had to be taken out. The marina was destroyed, not one we would have stayed in, it was a dump. We were able to dingy over to the boat services dock and tie up for the duration of our stay. After we left Gerry we went on to Beach Marina. A lovely little place with a good restaurant. Don and I enjoyed our cocktails with some good Mexican and then hung out in the outdoor lounge on the water listening to some good guitar music. AH, life doesn’t get much better. Today we are in St Augustine where we actually got this 48 foot trawler anchored to a mooring ball. What a frigging challenge, I was truly ready to give up but Don wanted one more try and low and behold anchor we did. Now we are spending the night watching the rainbow as the showers come down around us. Loving it. Tomorrow we’ll go into town on the dingy and visit with my dear friend Eileen. Planning n being here for a week. I need some pampering, pedicure, massage. Boating is hard work especially today with that mooring ball fiasco. Signing off with love, good night and god bless.

On our way!!

Well, here is it Oct.6th and we’ve been on the water since Sun. the 1st. We left Osprey Marina in Socastee, SC and spent our 1st night at the lovely Ilse of Palms Marina (a few miles north of Charleston). This is one of my favorite spots, so different this time of year from summer when there is all kinds of activity, kyacks, surfboard paddling, jet skis, small crafts, etc. now very quite but never the less still beautiful. Next night we spent anchored out and all went well. Then on to Beaufort City Marina, love this place. It’s on a park along the river and you get off the boat and walk into town. Very disappointed at all the places now closed and out of business. The economy has hit Beaufort really hard and so many of the places I loved to browse are gone. So sad. However, we still had a great time, ate at our favorite pizza place and Luther’s tavern 2 good places if you ever find yourself in Beaufort, SC. We spent a few days here and then headed to a new marina in Savannah,GA. The Isle of Hope, nice spot with a loaner car which we took advantage of and headed out to Savannah for dinner to a Taquila Bar restaurant with exceptional Mexican food. Having a car at our disposal we rode around for awhile and ended up buying dessert to enjoy back on the boat. Tonight we are anchored again somewhere on the ICW in Georgia. Signing off for now with love. God bless and good night


Yes, I’m finally home, ahhhhh home sweet home and all those old proverbs are true.
We got back about a week ago and things have been crazy getting everything in order at the house.  Mail, Internet, Food, etc.  It’s always crazy when I go for an extended period of time on the boat.  There’s so much that has to be done to get ready for an adventurous stay away from from home.  As if that’s not enough, we decided to have an eclipse party  on the 21st of August.  We invited some friends to sail down to Georgetown (the best place in our area) to view this phenomenon.  So, we are shopping for party goodies and deciding on a menu for brunch, don’t forget the special glasses so we can watch without damaging our eyes.

I’m really excited to party with friends for the 1st time on our new NOMAD.  The accommodations on this boat are excellent for entertaining.  It even has a wet bar on the Lido Deck with a mini refrigerator.

Our next adventure will be in October.  We will be heading south, final destination the west coast of FL.  But you all know how plans can change when you’re on the water.  Hopefully, we will take our time heading down the ICW and get to visit with friends along the way.  Some must stops will be ST. Mary’s, GA,  St. Augustine, FL, Vero Beach, FL and Daytona Beach, FL.  From there on we continue on to Stewart and cross over to the west side and arrive in Punta Gorda, FL.  We also have friends to visit on this coast so we will be spending the winter visiting and heading down to the Keys for the remainder of Winter.  Wish us luck, the waterways going south in the ICW are much calmer, thus allowing us to sail without any open waterways and rough seas.  That’s our prayer anyway whether mother nature cooperates or not remains to be seen.  Signing for now with love. God Bless.



Let me try and backtrack to where I left off.  We were heading to the outerbanks and made it to Cape Lookout the southern most point of the Outerbanks, NC.  The 1st 2 days were great.  Dingyed over to the beach and crossed over the dunes to the ocean side.  Beautiful water and shelling was pretty good.  I got a good amount of interesting shells.  The 2nd day we spent on the bay side and while we were motoring back in the dingy the propeller stopped.  We had to use body parts as oars to get back to the boat.  Now picture this; Don is hanging over the front of the dingy using his arms as oars to move us forward and I’m hanging over the side of the boat using the same body part to steer the dingy towards to boat.  Believe me when i tell you there are always other small craft around, but NOT TODAY we finally got back to within rope distance of the boat and we’re able to grab the ropes and tie up to the boat.   Did I pray all the while, you bet your ass i did.  Never a dull time with us and our boating adventures.  Now we are checking the weather it’s not looking too good.  We learn there are small craft warnings out in the ocean and a storm is a coming.  Long story short we are stuck here for 5 days in 50 mile an hour gale wind with torrential rain.  The anchor decides to let loose and we’re on the move with no direction.  Don had to get out on the bow an try to re-anchor, without much luck then he tried to steer the boat closer to the shore and do the same thing over.  Finally the anchor caught and he let out more chain.  The boat rocked and rolled and the rains came on down on us for what seemed like years.  Even the Coast Guard came in for a break, ocean waves where 7 to 10 feet.  Guess Cape Lookout is home for a few.  On Monday we were finally able to cross over into the harbor and we were able to get a birth in Portside Marina.  Walkable to a good restaurant where we were able to treat ourselves to some good old booze and food.  So nice to sit and be waited on like real folk.

Today we sailed down to Surf City, NC and by now my head is spinning from the sound of the motor and I want to come home.  We are currently in Topsail Marina and are heading to a recommended Bistro for a relaxing dinner.  Yes, boating is lovely but I think after a month on the water I’m ready for some down time.  Love to all my blog buddies.  Will continue this saga as wi-fi allows.  God bless.