Well/here we are july 11th 1 day before the calender rolls over to another year.  How did they go by in the blink of an eye.  I find myself today in Hayes, VA in the crown point marina.  We were rocking and rolling in the Chesapeake for about 4 hours when we decided enough was enough.  i spotted this piece of land and Don re navigated to see where this would take us.  Anywhere out of the wretched Chesapeake.  My dear friends we got the hell out of that waterway from the devil today and realized it would only have gotten worst and we like nice and easy.  The Rapahonek River took us to a place with no following seas (they make the boat rock from side to side), no tides fighting the winds and poor Don having to be Mr. Strength of Ten Men.

we found this  nice marina with a pool called Crown Point and decided to stay for 2 days.  If the Chesapeake doesn’t calm down we are scrapping our plans to go north.  After the Chesapeake we would have gone into the Delaware Canal which is worse and then out to the ocean to get to Manasquan Inlet.   Sorry Tina, Gina and Phil you’ll have to come south to see us.  WE have become sissy’s and only do southern waterways.  The northern  passage is not for us.

It’s been a tougher day then we had anticipated and not to our liking.  Looks like we will be heading back south and spending sometime in Norfolk and probably the outerbanks of North Carolina.  Stay tuned, the only thing you can count on in sailing is change, got to be flexible to survive this life.  Good night from the Nomad. with love, hugs and kisses.



Today is boatkeeping day.  made that up, but, we are cleaning everything that doesn’t move.  I hate housework but dirt is even more intolerable to me.   Need to figure out how to use the washer & dryer, laundry is piling up and underware is running out.  I’m taking a break, had my first shower on the boat I usually use the marina facilities, however, i was just too tired to walk the 1/2 mile to get there.  why do the put us so far away from the showers, must look like we need the exercise. still in Hampton, VA at the salty pond marina.  Angela don’s sister has been fabulous and is driving us all over.  Did food shopping yesterday and got stuff we didn’t know we needed until we began the journey.

We have had diner with her and Marty 2 days going as well as breakfast yesterday at some place called Tommy’s had to wait for a table.  Worth it very good food.   The weather has been great and we get a good breeze off the Chesapeake especially on the Tiki Deck, where we spend most of our time when not in the air conditioned bedroom.

Signing off from the NOMAD.  God Bless.


We are in Hampton, VA at the Salt Pond Marina. Good pool, restaurant and bar have closed since our last time here. Very disappointing. Today we celebrated with Angelo and Marty Don’s sister and husband. She made the best ribs and baked potatoes, with fresh tomatoes and coleslaw. All the beer you can consume. We are back on the boat getting ready for the fireworks. HAPPY 4TH to one and all.


We just left Oriental, NC. Ate breakfast at the bean, incredible coffee and homemade muffins. The best. Spent 2 days at the Oriental Marina, shopping the little boutiques and art galleries, also got to relax at their pool for the day. The restaurant here is expensive here but the martini’s are beyond marvelous and the food is pretty good too.

Across the Albermarle River was rocking, like a mother. Finally made it to an anchorage for the night after 12 hours of sailing up the ICW. Beautiful night, not too bad without AC, manage to get a good night’s sleep for our net days adventure which brought us too Conjack Marina in NC. This place looks like a dump but it’s quite popular and expensive. Great restaurant, we had lunch there, real onion rings, and one of the best bacon, cheese burgers ever. Dinner was a light salad with a Moscow Mule at the bar. You needed reservations, which we never thought of making, popular place and packed. We were lucky to get a seat at the bar. Now, plans were to stay at the bar for a few and catch some music, however, the mind is willing but the body gave out so off to the boat we went for the evening.
Morning comes early on a boat. For those of you who know me it’s not my thing, mornings for me start in the afternoon, or there abouts. Another thing that happens is that you loose complete track of time.

All I can tell you is that it’s now Monday night and we are at some place called the Atlantic Yatch Club, don’t thing fancy far from it. We had to walk about a mile for dinner at a little family owned Mexican place. Good but hardly worth the hike in the heat and rain on the way back. Are you following me, this high maintenance chick has taken a back seat for Ro the sailor.


June 27th

We are started on our 2nd attempt to sail north. The first being interrupted by a listing boat, which thankfully is not taking on water. After much deliberation, we are off again. Another beautiful day has greeted our journey and we will enjoy calm seas, bright sunshine and beautiful breezes. Sailed about 9 hours today and will spend the night at Mile Hammock a beautiful anchorage north of Wilmington, NC.

Ro at sunset, Mile Hammock, June 27, 2017.
 Ro at sunset

Day Two

Started out beautiful. We left Southport early and we’re making great time sailing up the river. no humidity beautiful breezes, loving it. About noon Don notices the boat is listing to the port side. Concerned that we maybe taking on water he decides to sail into Anchor’s Aweigh, a working boatyard to have the boat taken out of the water and checked. After many inspections done by 3 men there is not a drop of water to be found. Perplexing to say the least. Decision time. We rented a car and went into Wilmington, NC for the night. Checked into a hotel and went out for diner. The next day we decided to spend browsing around Wilmington and then drive home. So, the great adventure comes to an end after 2 days. Got to see to the boat and find out “what the f” is going on. We leave the boat at the shipyard and head home. To be continued

First blog post

First blog post

hey ya all,
this is my first day on the water in the new nomad. as you know we are traveling north, hopefully, to cape code, MA. we left socastee, SC this morning approximately at 8AM and went as far as southport NC by 4PM. had the tides behind us and made excellent time twice as fast as motoring in the sailboat on the intercoastal water way (icw). we had a lovely diner at the Fishy-Fishy Cafe and are now back at the boat for the evening. we have good reception and are able to watch Netflicks. will probably be an early evening, as the first day is always tiring. Goodnight and God bless.